i-STAT Test cartridges

i-STAT System single-use test cartridges are designed to help reduce the problems multi-use systems face with poor quality and/or clotted samples. i-STAT test cartridges deliver lab-quality results without having to leave the patient’s side
⦁ Each unique i-STAT System cartridge contains chemically sensitive biosensors on a silicon chip that are configured for specific analytes
⦁ Quality checks of sample integrity, sensors, and fluidics are automatic with each i-STAT cartridge run, providing confidence and advanced performance
⦁ Compliance with liquid quality control requirements can be ensured through a customisable user lockout feature

To perform a test, 2 to 3 drops of blood are applied to a cartridge, which is then inserted into the i-STAT handheld. The i-STAT System can significantly reduce blood requirements by:
⦁ Eliminating re-sticks due to delays with multi-use analyzers
⦁ Minimising the risk of sample clotting before or during testing
⦁ Consolidating analytes on one cartridge

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