Cooling and heating devices

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Hemotherm® 400CE Dual Reservoir Cooler/Heater 

Precise blood temperature control without ice. The quiet running system delivers reliable, effective blood temperature management control during cardiopulmonary by-pass and other related cardiovascular procedures.


  • Mechanical refrigeration to replace messy, unmanageable ice
  • Independent heating and cooling reservoirs each with its own controller and temperature display
  • Self-checking microprocessor
  • Supplies water to a blood temperature exchanger/oxygenator or hyper-hypothermia blanket
  • Easy to use interface
  • Optional remote control


PlastiPad® Re-usable, Hyper-hypothermia Blankets

The PlastiPad is a re-usable water blanket that is used for heating or cooling of the patient. It may resist punctures and has a seam strength that helps prolong the life of the blankets.

The PlastiPad blanket utilizes a random flow pattern for uniform distribution of water, yielding fast and efficient circulation throughout the entire blanket to provide effective patient therapy.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Available with permanently attached hoses
  • Constructed of durable urethane material
  • Quick set-up time
  • Easy to clean