Cryosurgery has proven its worth in medical science. In interventional bronchoscopy, cryobiopsy is far superior to forceps biopsy. Cryorecanalization is ideally suited to removal of exophytic stenoses, foreign objects, mucous plugs and blood clots, enabling immediate results. In addition, recanalization can also be carried out with delayed effect using cryodevitalization.


  • Convenient operation with plug and play: ERBECRYO 2 automatically sets the appropriate parameters for every probe
  • Even more convenience: all important settings appear on the display: – Effect levels – Timer function
  • Activation using the footswitch
  • Reproducible freeze performance from the first time the probe is used through to the last


ERBOKRYO CA Mobile Cryosurgery-unit with main cable

  • Numerous indications treatable using wide selection of cryoprobes and probe tips, useful in many surgical specialties
  • Many interventions can be carried out on an outpatient basis without anesthesia
  • No bleeding during treatment or when the necrotized tissue is shed
  • Almost no scarring after healing
  • Coolant: nitrous oxide (N2O) or carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • All cryoprobes can be steam autoclaved up to 134° C (short cycle)


ERBOKRYO AE Cryosurgery-unit (Temperature- and Freezingtime display)

  • Integrated microfilter: your guarantee of completely pure gas
  • Continuously adjustable freezing temperatures via the unique regulation system
  • Precise display of temperature and duration of freezing
  • Maximum freezing temperature after 5 seconds
  • Fast defrosting-phase of 2 seconds