Finecross MG


Product Overview
Coronary microguide catheter for integration of optimal guidewire support, superior trackability and crossability.¹²

Tapered Stainless Steel Braid Construction for optimal guidewire support:
FINECROSS MG stainless steel braid construction is designed to provide strength, responsiveness and support for improved pushability to access and cross complex lesions.

13cm Floppy Distal Segment for superior trackability:¹
The distal 13 cm is ultra flexible for improved trackability around tight bends and tortuous anatomy.The floppy distal segment is designed to be atraumatic and provide an optimal balance between trackability and safety while navigating through the tortuous anatomy.¹

Tapered Outer Diameter for superior crossability:¹²
The outer diameter of the stainless steel shaft tapers from a proximal 2.6Fr. to a distal 1.8Fr. designed for improved crossability and guidewire handling.¹²

1 Data on File, Terumo Corporation. Testing compares the performance of FineCross to market leading coronary microcatheters and OTW (over-the-wire) balloons. FineCross MG Bench Test Report (7_18_2014).docx
2 Claims limited to tested microcatheters (Volcano Valet & ASAHI Corsair)


Product Code Catheter Length Distal Hydrophilic Coating Distal Outer Diameter Proximal Outer Diameter Distal Inner Diameter Proximal Inner Diameter Recommended Guidewire Size
35-1430 130cm 70cm 1.8Fr. (0.60mm) 2.6 Fr. (0.87mm) 0.018″ (0.45mm) 0.021″ (0.55mm) 0.014″ (0.36mm)
35-1450 150cm 90cm 1.8Fr. (0.60mm) 2.6 Fr. (0.87mm) 0.018″ (0.45mm) 0.021″ (0.55mm) 0.014″ (0.36mm)