i-STAT Data management Software


Abbott Point of Care offers flexible connectivity and interfacing software solutions to help ensure your facility gets real-time results in the patient electronic chart.
The i-STAT System can connect to the point-of-care (POC) data management system of your choice and then interface to the EMR via your LIS. Data management software integration otions include:
⦁ Abbott Info HQ Manager
⦁ Alere Informatics RALS® -Web3 or RALS®-Freedom
⦁ Conworx UniPOC, POCcelerator, or AegisPOC
⦁ Radiometer Aqure

QML® is a registered trademark of TELCOR Inc.
AegisPOC, RALS®-Web and RALS®-Freedom are trademarks of the Alere Informatics Inc.
UniPOC is a trademark of CONWORX Technology GmbH