Laparoscopic uterine manipulators

ALLY Uterine Positioning System

The ALLY Uterine Positioning System® (UPS) creates exposure and static control of the anatomy during operative and diagnostic gynecologic (GYN) laparoscopy. This table-mounted system is designed to provide a full range of motion.

The ALLY UPS is designed to mount, position and secure RUMI® II and Advincula Arch™uterine manipulators during laparoscopic procedures. Features and benefits include:

  • Securely holds uterus in position for optimal visualization, access and patient safety
  • Frees your assistant to perform other tasks during the procedure
  • Easy-to-use foot pedal release facilitates positioning
  • Connects to any operating table
  • Fits easily within a limited workspace, offering easy access with greater efficiency
  • Many surgeons consider the UPS a “must have” when docking the da Vinci®Robot between the patient’s legs.


Advincula Delineator – Uterine Manipulator

Exceptional strength and performance in an easy-to-use disposable uterine manipulator.  The Advincula Delineator™ is designed for TLH, LSH and LAVH procedures.

• Koh-Efficient® system is integrated into the Delineator.
• Rigid Koh Colpotomy cup clearly delineates the vaginal fornices with proper cephalad pressure.
• Ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand through the entire procedure.


Rumi II Uterine Manipulator Handle

The RUMI® II System provides highly effective, safer uterine manipulation for any laparoscopic or robotic pelvic surgery. Surgeons will experience superior exposure and control of the uterus, and greater access to pelvic anatomy. The RUMI II reusable manipulator handle features a 2-inch longer shaft than the original RUMI, and allows for full 140 degree articulation at the cervix and remarkable visibility. For added control and safety, the handle’s frictionless locking mechanism maintains tip orientation and stable uterine positioning during dissection.


Rumi II Koh-Efficient – Uterine Manipulator

The Koh-Efficient® system combines the Koh Cup™ and pneumo-occlusion balloon into one device. The system loads easily onto the RUMI® II for rapid and accurate clinical positioning. Koh-Efficient creates a margin of safety by providing a visual landmark and backstop for full circumferential colpotomy, as well as distancing the ureters during the incision. Once in position, the Koh-Efficient allows for full articulation at the cervix. This sterile, single-use device is available in four sizes; fit to the cervix is important for the margin of safety.


Cervical Sizer

With the specially designed Cervical Sizer, measuring the cervix is simple and fast, ensuring clear delineation of the vaginal fornix. Use the Cervical Sizer to accurately select the appropriate Koh-Efficient size based on patient anatomy.


Advincula Arch Uterine Manipulator Handle

An alternative to the articulating RUMI II, the reusable Advincula Arch is ideal for physicians who prefer the simple and lightweight design of a disposable uterine manipulator but would like additional strength. Some physicians choose the Advincula Arch because they prefer executing anteversion/retroversion of the uterus manually. The radial design permits easy insertion from any angle and its unique curve provides outstanding elevation for superior visualization and control.