Theatre Lights

Operating Theatre lights

Quasar® eLite

Near Colour Rendition with Red Balance Control
For the best visulisation during surgery.

Fat Beam Technology
The largest light beams of any current product.

Unique Comfort Halo
A soft halo of light to reduce eye strain from high contrasts of light intensity.

Designed to Minimise Infections
Easy to clean, sealed light head, remote controls and anti-microbial coatings.

HD-SDI Camera “Inside”
Integrated cameras are fully enclosed inside the light head for cleanlinessand reduced cost.

Premium Quality Movement
Low weight light head and perfectly balanced arm system.

Astramax HD-LED

Astramax HD-LED is a state of the art operating theatre light launched by Brandon Medical. The aim of the development of Astramax was to bridge the gap between the biggest operating theatre lights and smaller minor operating lights.
Astramax carries all of the advantages of HD-LED technology including:

Full Spectrum Colour Rendition
The first LED lighting with near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. This reduces eye strain and enables small differences in tissue to be distinguished easily.

Fat Beam Illumination
More light flux provides the biggest beams of light in the business, bigger illuminated fields and more light across the full width of the illuminated area.

Red Balance Control
The highest R9 red colour rendition of any product provides the optimum visualisation of red tissues. Red balance enhancement compensates for our natural weakness in distinguishing shades of red.