Electroconvulsive therapy equipment

spECTrum: The Newest Digital ECT Technology 

  • The 5000Q and 5000M model devices offer up to five channels of ECG and EEG monitoring, and one Optical Motion Sensor, (the 4000Q and 4000M devices are simply the 5000 devices without physiological monitoring capability).
  • The 5000Q and 4000Q units offer the user flexibility with four stimulus parameter knobs to control Energy and Charge.
  • The 5000M and 4000M units offer simplicity, with one single Stimulus Intensity knob. This varies Frequency and Duration simultaneously, to control Energy and Charge.
  • Each spECTrum device is custom manufactured to user specifications according to the options selected.

Standard Evidence-Based Features

Optimized Titration©2011 and Pre-Selected Dosing Tables©2011 – MECTA introduced the first titration tables in 1983 based on research from Columbia University, and now has introduced the third generation of titration tables in 2011 for Optimized ECT©2011. They offer both Titration and Pre-Selected Dosing Tables. These are the most accurate and up to date tables, taking into account gender, age and electrode placement.

In the Full spECTrum Dosing Parameter Set, the 0.3 ms pulse width can be utilized with a range of current from 500 mA to 900 mA. Optimized Ultrabrief ECT (0.3 ms) is available as an upgrade to your current Ultrabrief ECT (0.3 ms) parameter set. Ultrabrief ECT©2003 was designed and tested at Columbia
University in the late 1990s, and it was introduced as a feature into MECTA spECTrum ECT devices in July of 2003.

Existing spECTrum devices may be upgraded to include these important new clinical upgrades.

Standard Digital Features

LCD Touchscreen – Designed with five microcontrollers and microprocessors, this feature allows the user to easily and quickly access up to nine set-up menus to individualize each treatment. The spECTrum 5000 is the only device with this feature.

Visual Patient Impedance Display – Allows the user to see if they are within the range of 100 to 5,000 ohm in order to treat during the self test portion of the treatment. This virtually ensures successful treatments without missed or aborted seizures.

EEG Leads Off Indicator – alerts you if the monitoring leads are disconnected or if there is poor patient electrode application. The trace will disappear and a restore button appears ensuring you can make corrections before treatment.

  • Menu Selections – up to nine easy to use menu selections with optional parameter selection menus to view traces, gains, patient data and parameter selection.
  • Chart Recorder – provides you with a hard copy of the self-test and treatment results and also includes patient information and EEG Data Analysis results (optional). The printout provides your choice of two monitoring channels, showing elapsed time, timer, date, time of treatment, and patient data.

Optional Digital Features

Up to six channels of monitoring –4 EEG, 1 ECG and 1 Optical Motion Sensor –available on the spECTrum5000 series, providing maximum monitoring capabilities for all ECT treatment requirements.

Optical Motion Sensor Channel – Senses the motion of the motor seizure. Its benefit over EMG is that intra-muscular motor movements during a seizure can be monitored without the addition of extra electrode pads or gels. The user does not have to take considerable time to apply them
to the patient. Our very simple OMS with its infrared detection is wrapped over the knuckle of a finger or toe with a Velcro closing and immediately the trace can be seen on the monitor in real time (saving of time & money) on the spECTrum 5000 Touch Screen.

EEG Data Analysis* – Provides seizure adequacy estimate helpful in improving the dosing of ECT treatments.
Licensed exclusively to MECTA by Duke University.