Micro Collection

CAPIJECT® Micro Collection Tubes

CAPIJECT® Makes it Easy

  • Extra-wide, built-in collection lip for enhanced specimen flow
  • Single piece, tapered design for easy collection and handling
  • color-coded fill lines and caps for volume accuracy and easy identification
  • Lot number and expiration date printed on each tube for easy identification
  • Silicone coated anticoagulant tubes designed to reduce clotting
  • Olefin-based gel for clean separations
  • Tube nests in cap allowing tube to stand alone
  • Certified for lead testing
  • Latex-free


50 CAPIJECT® Capillary Blood Collection Tubes per bag
5 bags per box – 250 CAPIJECT® Tubes
4 boxes per case – 1,000 CAPIJECT® Tubes

CAPIJECT® Safety Lancets

CAPIJECT® Safety Lancets
High quality, single-use lancets offer the form, fit and function you’ve come to
rely on:

  • Never See or Handle the Sharp:
    Automatic blade or needle retraction styles – the sharp edge is
    enclosed before and after use
  • No Special Staging Required:
    Ready to use right out of the box
  • One-step Activation:
    Convenient activation for precise and consistent results
  • Color-coded Sizes:
    Quick identification of the right product

200 CAPIJECT® Safety Lancets per box
10 boxes per case – 2,000 CAPIJECT® Safety Lancets