Plasmasurgery is an electrosurgical technique for managing bleeding, and for devitalization of tissue lesions. With this technique, ionized argon gas is used to conduct the current to the target tissue. A wide range of applicators and probes are available that enable APC to be used in open surgery, endoscopy and laparoscopy. Our units for plasmasurgery: APC 2 and APC 3.


  • Argon plasma coagulation with the operating convenience of the logical and plausible VIO 3 interface
  • Plug and operate, insert the instrument to immediately begin working with the APC application
  • pulsedAPC and forcedAPC finely adjustable with 100-step effect setting
  • preciseAPC, the new mode for the lower power range and sensitive structures


APC 2 argon plasma coagulation

  • Non-contact procedure, no sticking of the instrument tip to the tissue
  • Effective, even surface coagulation, for uniform hemostasis and devitalization
  • Better dosage of penetration depth leads to safer application
  • Minimal carbonization and smoke plume formation, minimal pollution through unpleasant odors
  • Safe procedure with few complications


With the APCapplicator, you can activate all functions directly via the buttons. The handpiece is also light-weight and practical,
and most importantly convenient – simply insert it and get started. Plug and operate.

The 5 Application Options:

Application with APC

Argon plasma coagulation, non-contact
Efficient, homogenous coagulation with limited penetration

2. and 3.Applications with argon gas 

Argon-supported cutting in chemically inert argon gas

Argon-supported coagulation in chemically inert argon gas

4. and 5.Applications without argon gas 

Electrosurgical cutting without argon gas

Electrosurgical coagulation without argon gas

The Benefits

  • Convenient activation of all functions with one hand
  • Light-weight practical pencil with excellent haptics
  • ReMode function: individual programs can be activated in alternation right from the operating table
  • Instrument detection: insert the APCapplicator and start working (plug and operate)
  • Sterile single-use product: immediate OR availability, no reprocessing required
  • Gas filter is integrated into the connection plug

FiAPC probes

Argon plasma coagulation is an endoscopic procedure to coagulate bleeding sites and devitalize tissue anomalies.
For the safe application of APC in the GIT, TBS and ENT we recommend the FiAPC probe – the new probe with a safety
filter. FiAPC probes are available in various versions (varying lengths and diameters) with axial, lateral and circular
openings for the plasma beam. FiAPC probes are suitable for use with all standard-type flexible endoscopes.


The connection cable and filter of the FiAPC probe are completely integrated in the probe (all in one). FiAPC single-use probes can be immediately used in the OR. There is no need to prepare the connecting cable – which means no preparation costs for the cable. This represents a significantly lower price per APC application compared to conventional single-use APC probes, plug and play doesn‘t get much easier and cheaper than that.

Protection against contamination
A membrane filter prevents possible contamination of the APC device through the reflux of blood or secretions. The filter and the connecting cable are firmly integrated
in the APC probe. This all-in-one solution makes handling the probe in the OR much easier. Plug and play is supported by instrument detection.
FiAPC probes comply with the hygiene recommendations for endoscopic instruments of the Robert Koch Institute.

Advantages at a glance

  • No preparation of the probe or cable required
  • Therefore lower costs per APC application
  • No gas filter replacement
  • Plug and Play
  • No contamination of the unit