Suction bag System

Suction bag systems

The Serres Suction bag system consists of reusable canisters, single-use suction bags and the widest range of accessories. Together they can cope even with the most challenging medical suction application.

Why to choose Serres Suction bag system?

  • Due to an integrated product range, the small number of product references allows for better stock control.
  • Different suction bag options together with the widest range of accessories adapt to all clinical needs.
  • All components are compatible with each other, and are designed to user-friendly.
  • Patented, error-free connection – easy-to-use, easy-to-learn.
  • Secure and hygienic system eliminates risk of dissemination of infectious waste.
  • The biggest collection capacity available allows you to perform an entire surgery without intervention.


Disposable Suction bags

  1. Hydrophobic filter acts as a combined bacterial filter and overflow protection. The filter closes suction automatically when it comes in contact with fluids.
  2. Serial port allows you to expand the suction capacity up to 36 litres, the largest volume available in the market.
  3. Bags folded with tapes make installing fast and easy.
  4. The solidifier packed in soluble pouches is pre-inserted into bag , so you can begin the operation immediately.
  5. Measuring cup attachment point. All special products
    and accessories are always compatible with other Serres products and calibrated to function together.
  6. Grab the handle and remove the bag easily after use without breaking your fingernails.
  7. Patented Single Connection ensures error-free installation. Just connect the patient tube and the system is ready for use.
  8. After plugging all caps stay firmly closed and keep the bag completely sealed even if it is accidentally dropped on the floor.


Reusable Suction canisters

  1. The vacuum source is connected to the angle connector of the canister. Once installed, there is no need to touch the vacuum tube or
    the connector between opera
  2. Canister can be installed  in a variety of different holders. The canisters are transparent, though blue colored models are
    available for sensitive circumstances.
  3. Wide measuring scale is easy to read from all directions
  4. Robust structure and resistant material allow for effective cleaning, including resistant material allow for effective cleaning, including autoclaving.
  5. The 2000 ml and 3000 ml canisters are  1000 ml canisters are oval-shaped and fit even in the smallest space.