Suction ejectors

Suction ejectors

When connected to the hospital’s compressed air supply, Q-Vac produces adjustable and silent suction.

User comfort

Q-Vac increases user comfort by reducing sound levels and improving handling with ergonomic design. That is why Serres Q-Vac is an extremely silent suction ejector. Advanced design also shields the device against impact and brings a feeling of design to the hospital environment.

Ease of use

Q-Vac is user-friendly by design. With a single point for starting and stopping the ejector and regulation suction, Q-Vac easier to use than other similar devices in the market. Monitoring suction levels is also easy thanks to a clear and visible gauge, while advanced mechanical design ensures a steady suction. In case of supply line regulation failure, a non-return valve protects the suction line from reverse flow. Serres Q-Vac is available for quick-connect coupling and rail mounting. The rail-mounting model comes with a 1,5 m compressed-air hose. Q-Vac’s tapered hose coupling allows you to connect the common tubing to the suction bag system.