Suction waste disposal

Suction waste disposal

SERRES NEMO is suction bag emptying device that provides nursing assistants and other hospital professionals a new, safer way to handle and empty suction bags.

Minimize costs and improve efficiency the new SERRES NEMO is extremely cost efficient. When emptied, SERRES suction bags take up minimal space thereby reducing disposal costs.Thanks to SERRES NEMO reliability and rapid performance, you can speed up your everyday workflow.

Convenient and safe

SERRES NEMO is safe and easy to clean. And like all SERRES-products, it is also simple to use. Use the innovative washing tray daily to ensure excellent hygiene.

Ergonomic and compact

SERRES NEMO  has a clear, functional design and is compact enough to fit even in tight spaces. It is also easy to install as a separate unit or integrate with existing fixture.