Colorectal Treatment Equipment

The THD™ System:


  • Proprietary Scope design allows for: precise needle rotation and penetration, accurate and repeatable ligation and direct visualization of procedure
  • Exclusive Doppler Probe provides: continuous pulse technology, “free moving” crystal vibration and exact location of terminal arterial branches


  • Doppler Generator
  • Audible verification of ligation
  • Fiber optic light source

THD™ Light Scopes:

The Light-Scope line was introduced to provide physicians with a comprehensive series of rigid Proctoscopes that would be completely self-contained, have no reusable parts, require no assembly or maintenance, and yet provide excellent function and visibility at a reasonable cost.

Key Features:

  • The scope is made of Polycarbonate, an extremely durable and transparent plastic
  • Insertion of the Light-Scope is facilitated by a removable mandrel (obturator-like insert)
  • Light is provided by a high luminosity L.E.D. (light emitting diode) powered by integrated alkaline batteries located in the handle of the device
  • The light is initiated by simply removing the small plastic tab from handle. The light is cool
  • The white plastic distal tip (Light Spreading Tip) facilitates reflection and spreading of the light in the field of examination
  • The lens is provides 4x magnification

THD Slide

THD Doppler is a cutting edge method of treating haemorrhoids because it revolutionizes the surgical approach to haemorrhoidal disease, ensuring maximum effectiveness of results and minimizing levels of invasiveness, pain and stress for the patient


The Gatekeeper method, thanks to the addition of expanding auto systems, improves the functionality and support of anal sphincters


THD Sphinkeeper is the NEW Artificial Anal Sphincter. Designed for the minimally invasive treatment of Faecal Incontinence


THD Anopress is an innovative portable system that allows for the execution of the anal manometry in an easy and standardised way, by measuring the pressure data of the sphincterial cylinder in different phases: rest, squeeze, strain and endurance. THD Anopress permits to execute a quick and essential analysis – but extremely accurate – of the powers related to rest and activation conditions of the pelvic and sphincter floor muscles, allowing the doctor to understand in an easy and immediate way the data collected.

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